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On Meditation, Perception and Thought

(Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay)

Is it possible to have an experience which is not bifurcated into subject and object? This is the topic of a book I discovered earlier this week, while in a used bookstore in Fort Collins. The book is called Nonduality: A Study in Comparative Philosophy* by David Loy. I picked it up for a few bucks, and I was a little annoyed to see I could have acquired it for cheaper on Amazon. C’est la vie.

I’ve yet to really dive into the book, but it looks promising. The main thing that interests me is the question of whether or…

The catharsis of the world’s dumbest publishing platform

Image by KatinkavomWolfenmond from Pixabay

A few years ago, I came across a piece — I’m not sure where — about a little-known website created by Rob Beschizza, a writer and editor at Boing Boing. Apparently, Beschizza had made a website that claimed to be the “world’s dumbest publishing platform.” I was intrigued.

What Beschizza seems to have had in mind was to create a website that is a kind of polar opposite to the big social media giants, which so many of us are used to tracking our every move and motivating our experience via the social capital of likes and comments, upvotes and…

Leadership starts with critical thought

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

For a lot of people, myself included, it can be easy to feel that the social institutions that surround us pressure us to be docile. Should you raise your voice in that meeting and object to the ordinary way of doing things? What if you personally benefit from the way things are currently done? Are you a hypocrite for objecting? Does that matter?

Successful leaders know that criticism — even what many would consider “complaining” — can be the start of real change. If you think leadership is just about going with the flow, letting things play out as they…

The universe is terrifying.

This is a picture of a scary space cloud called Barnard 68, a dark nebula. Image credit ESO, used with permission.

This is part of a creative project, which you can read about here.


Where is somewhere you’d never want to travel to and why?


Dear humans. It’s me, the Lord. I figured now would be a good time to drop by and see how things are going and let you in on some tips and tricks for existing.

The universe is a pretty big place. There are a lot of shitty places you could go. I mean, do whatever you want, but I’m just saying…things could turn into a living nightmare pretty quick. For example, I really recommend staying…

The question has perplexed people for ages

Image by donterase from Pixabay

Okay, maybe this exact question hasn’t perplexed people for ages. Heraclitus and Plato didn’t own bicycles. The same kind of question has been around for a long time, though. Here’s a thought experiment.

Suppose I have an ordinary bicycle. I decide for one reason or another to replace the saddle (or what I, being a degenerate knuckle dragger, would call the seat). I just don’t like the way it feels, or I don’t like its color, or whatever. So I take my bicycle and I change out one part for another.

Do I have the same bicycle that I started…

Thanks for reading about the metaphysical questions surrounding persistence and change! If you’re still interested in the topic, or if you’re concerned that philosophers have simply mucked things up and you want to clear the way, check out the resources below.

Some of the links will take you to Amazon where you can buy the books, and they may be affiliate links (just FYI and for full disclosure). However, if you don’t want to buy the books, I can assure you that you can find most of them for free online using *ahem* certain Russian websites…not that you should…but you…

Most people don’t believe this.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This is part of a creative project, which you can read about here.


Do you believe in something most people don’t? What keeps you believing?

I believe I am a member of many worlds. That is to say, I think every logically possible way that anything could be is the way some world really is. And all the worlds are equally real. We just happen to live in this world, but it’s not special. It’s just where we happen to be, just like how here is where I happen to be sitting as I write this.

This idea, that logically…

Of all the things I’ve wanted to try…

Image by Linus Schütz from Pixabay

This is part of a creative series you can read about here.


What is something you want to learn but have been too afraid to try?


Of all the things I’ve always wanted to learn, backwards time travel surely tops the list. But I’m too scared to try it, largely due to an existential worry. The twentieth century French philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, observed that though this time period might not be the best on in history, yet it is our time period. He meant his, of course, but the point generalizes.

Is the meaning of an individual comprised…

It was the same year I met *her*

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

This is post #2 of a creative project I’m working on. You can read about it here.


What is your idea of the perfect summer?


The perfect summer had snow. It was the same year I met her.

The weatherman had predicted a balmy seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit with sun, beginning in late spring and lasting for at least a few weeks into the summer. Despite this, a miracle would occur, though the top scientists and philosophers tried very hard to explain it away with their most sophisticated theories, creating quite a tangle. …

A creative project

Image by Manfred Zajac from Pixabay

Yesterday, while visiting the grocery store, I picked up a copy of a notebook called 300 More Writing Prompts. I don’t know what inspired me to grab it. Maybe it was the fact that it was only five bucks, and I felt like it would be a cheap way to inspire some creativity that also had a physical presence in my life. I could have just looked up writing prompts online, but I wanted something physical, and this little book is bound in a way so that its pages lay flat and are easy to write on. …

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